With the increase of the technology markets today, being the foundation of most economies it remains supreme. We provide lists of vendors, users and executives to help you capture the technology market.

SAP Users Lists
People Soft Users Lists
Oracle Users Lists
CRM Users Lists
ERP Users Lists
and many more...


Our extensive database enables your business to target specific industries, where we cover industries that are firmly established as well as those that have just emerged into the market. Based on your requirement, we can build a customized list for you, assuring you of customer satisfaction. We go the extra mile to ensure that all spheres are covered so as to reach a wide spectrum in the market.

Manufacturing Industry wise Email Lists
Communication Industry Email Lists
Construction Industry Email Lists
Wholesale Industry Email Lists
and many more...


Our healthcare database covers a large spectrum of institutions. Given the wide spectrum in healthcare our lists bring to you Hospitals, Pharmacies, Healthcare Insurance Companies, Pediatricians, Dentists, Educational Institutions, Support groups and many more.

Doctors Email Lists
Surgeons Email Lists
Dentists Email Lists
Pharmacists Email Lists
Nurses Email Lists
and many more...


Our professional lists bring to you a wide range of high profile professionals and specialists from various industries. We maintain in our databases millions of records that will enable your business to reach the right decision makers, guaranteeing growth of sales for your business.

IT Decision Makers Email Lists
Lawyers Email Lists
CPA Email Lists
Media and Marketing Email Lists
Engineers Email Lists
and many more...


Our business lists cover high end decision makers in the company, where our database enables you to reach the desks of top executives. This alone, will enable your industry to achieve your targets and bring you positive results to enhance your business.

Cost Effective
Increase Your Sales Conversion
Generate Repeat Sales
Faster response
Up-sell and Cross-sell Products
Gain Valuable Feedback from your Visitors
and many more...